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I'm super excited to have been a part of an amazing book called Holistic Mental Health: Calm, Clear, and in Control for the Rest of Your Life!!
The book is a collaboration led by Laura Mazzotta, and published by Brave Healer Productions in October 2022 and is being followed by a summit in early November!
We can’t consciously imagine how calm, clear, and in control, we’ll feel. . .
. . . once we master our thoughts and emotions, because we feel controlled by them rather than working with them.
You know your potential, that you have a lot to offer the world—but you’re still hiding your truth.
There are so many old stories, symptoms, resistance, and belief systems interfering with forward momentum, that you feel stuck and helpless.

This book provides you with the tools to break down the wall you feel stuck behind. The 25 expert authors in this collaboration offer potent, tried-and-true strategies for effective, lasting change. Gone But Not Forgotten is Chapter 3 in this book and includes my personal story regarding grief and loss and features a tool for how to stay connected to your deceased loved one. See the video below with this tool. 
This Amazon Best Selling Book is now available on Amazon at:

Holistic Mental Health- Chapter 3
Resources: Video

In Chapter 3 of Holistic Mental Health, Kelly shares a tool to help you connect to your deceased loved one through visualization. Listen to this video as Kelly leads you through this experience.  

Resources: Welcome
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