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Kelly Daugherty is a licensed clinical social worker and fellow in thanatology (study of death, dying, and bereavement) and a highly regarded expert in the field of grief and loss. With over two decades of experience helping individuals cope with the death of a loved one, Kelly has become a trusted resource for those seeking guidance and support.

Since she was a teenager, Kelly knew that she wanted to help others navigate grief and loss. Her personal experience with her mother's death at a young age, combined with her own journey of healing through a hospice bereavement group, led her to realize her true calling. Kelly earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in social work from Florida State University.


Throughout her career, Kelly has worked in various settings, including mental health agencies and hospices, where she honed her expertise in grief counseling. She has helped thousands of individuals find comfort and healing following a loss. Today, she is the proud owner and operator of Greater Life Grief Counseling, LCSW, a private practice located in Malta, NY.

Kelly is renowned for her innovative approach to grief counseling and has created several programs and groups that combine evidence-based techniques with cutting-edge methodologies. She co-created Healing Strides, a groundbreaking program that combines mindfulness and walk/run-based therapy with grief counseling to help individuals achieve their goals and develop healthy coping skills. Her multi-faceted approach to healing has made her a sought-after speaker, trainer, and program creator.

You'll benefit from her extensive experience, expertise, and compassionate and dedicated counseling approach when you work with Kelly. With her deep understanding of grief and loss, Kelly can help you find comfort and healing as you navigate life’s journey after loss.

About Kelly Daugherty: Meet the Team

My office is in Suite 21 at Malta Commons and is a group of individual private practitioners conveniently located at one location.

About Kelly Daugherty: Welcome

My husband Kevin and I have side-by-side offices at Suite 21 in Malta Commons. Kevin is a Mental Wellness Coach and Hypnotist and owns Greater Life Health.

About Kelly Daugherty: Welcome
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